Fredrik Swahn &
Janie Petersen

Two inspirational and experienced relationship coaches and tantra teachers, passionate about bringing couples closer together in their vulnerability, power and passion for life and for each other.


Janie and Fredrik live, love and work together teaching other couples the holistic tools and tantric practices they use in their every day life … even with kids around!


Are you ready for more pleasure in your relationship and love life?





Yoni and Lingam Exploration

Sunday 14:30-16:45

Room 3, Katrinebergssalen 


You will be invited to explore each other’s genitals through gentle breath work, conscious sharing from the Yoni and Lingam, consensual and nurturing touch from your partner and a healing Yoni and Lingam massage.


Come with a parter of your choice that makes you feel safe. Ideally one person has a Yoni and the other a Lingam. Same sex is also possible, but only one gets to give and one gets to receive the massage at the end of the workshop.


Every couple/pair will create their own temple space for the workshop. Please bring your own sheets/ towels, skin&genital friendly oil (e.g.coconut oil), a sarong and cuddly blanket to keep you warm.

What is Tantra? Panel with Charlotte Cronquist and Tantra Teachers:

Fredrik Swahn, Janie Petersen, Linda Örtengren, Marina Kronkvist, Anand Rudra

& Eugene Hedlund ​

Friday 20:40-22:20 

Room 4, Trekanten 

Meet a bunch of tantra teacher who are here to answer your questions about tantra. They will share experiences, knowledge and thoughts about tantra. Charlotte Cronquist is leading this talk. You can send your questions about tantra to her, naming the mail ”My question on tantra” and send to cronquist.charlotte@gmail.com, and there is a good chance that your question will be answered at the festival.