Fredrik Swahn &
Janie Petersen

Janie and Fredrik take couples on a journey of intimacy, connection and vulnerability. They love sharing their tantric approach to being in a conscious relationship in an authentic and raw way mixed in with lots of humour, playfulness and music. They live and work together in Sweden while running online courses and tantra workshops for couples as well as live retreats in their beautiful and romantic home in Stjaernsund.

Fredrik has been a passionate musician all his life as well as holding space for numerous men groups, which has allowed him to deepen his connection within brotherhood. He loves to combine sexuality and vulnerability with music and continuous to shares his voice and heart opening songs with the world.

Janie is an inspirational Tantra teacher and a certified Tantric sex & relationship coach. No matter if she is running a festival workshop, a couples retreat or online coaching session, Janie loves to create transformational and safe spaces for people to grow and evolve in. She is a ritual queen and loves to combine sacred sexuality with her passion for art within a temple space.

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