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Fredrik Edlund

Fredrik has a bachelor in practical philosophy at Uppsala University and is currently doing his masters in the theory of practical knowledge at Södertörns Högskola. Fredrik study phenomenology and hermeneutics trying to understand the role and experience of yoga in the modern age.


He is also co-founder of the Stockholm yoga collective Yoga Folks. As a yoga teacher he likes staying steady and consistent in the poses for a longer time, breathing it through.


Yoga Breath'n'Nidra

Saturday 9:00-10:20

Room 2, Ljusgården 


A morning yoga and breath session that intends to wake your body and mind up for a kick-ass day. Get up, sleepy heads! Time to stretch and yawn your groovy bums and bodies alive! The practice of breath intends to increase attention and focus. On a more subtle level, help connecting to a calm, quiet place within in order to experience greater clarity and well-being. Groovy, ey? The moving and breathing is followed by Yoga Nidra. This is the art of listening and feeling, during a led meditation where your sweet body is tucked up in savasana and your mind guided through the experience. Feel yourself being cradled into relaxation and slower brain wave activity.


What to expect: Light sweating, soft morning yoga flow, breathing consciously, full-on relax mode and body scanning.

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