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Fabian Tanz


Fabian Tanz is a dancer who passionately believes that movement breathes life into our existence. Fabian has always felt most alive at sunrise, no matter if it is he's swaying to the rhythms on a dancefloor, in the serenity of a yoga shala, or enjoying a quiet cup of morning tea. He believes there is something magical happening each day when we wake up and get to experience another day.

Guided by the wisdom of yoga, the fellowship of men's work and the trance of music & dance, he has embarked on a journey of sharing his insights and knowledge to others.

He is most known as a DJ and one of Stockholm’s most beloved ecstatic dance facilitators, but he is also a cherished yoga teacher and highly valued in men’s work. His mantra, "Dress comfortable, be vulnerable," encapsulates his inviting approach to life and his classes alike.

At this years Tantra festival, Fabian invites you to join him for the Wake Up yoga class on Saturday and Man -What do you want? on Sunday.


Wake Up

Celebrate the morning with 'Wake Up.'
Begin in tranquility, harmonize with mantra singing, flow into gentle asanas that increase in energy and culminating in ecstatic shaking and dance.


This sacred morning ritual invites a deeper connection with yourself, offering a path to inner harmony for a fulfilling day ahead. Open to everyone, no prior experience needed and will offer fun challenges for all levels of participants. Join us to unlock your inner potential.

Man - What do you want?

Discover Your True Masculine Self.

Join us for an immersive men's workshop where we embrace the beautiful dance of strength and vulnerability.


Through breath, movement and games, we create a space to connect with our path to becoming the authentic self and man we desire to be.

Open hearts of all, from curious newcomers to seasoned seekers, are warmly welcomed.


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