Fabian Tanz

Fabian is a dancer and music collector that has spent endless hours on dancefloors. Some call him the orange bedouin because he is travelling from dance floor to dance floor dressed in orange. Fabian has been DJing for the past decade but does not come from a particular genre, he rather thinks good music is good music. His intention is to make people dance and take the listener on a musical journey, like a storyteller rather than just playing tracks. Fabian believes that life is easier when you are silly, he invites everyone to be as silly as possible when he plays.

Just a couple of years ago Fabian attended a ceremony where he reached his deepest meditative state, and the feeling was familiar somehow. He figured that all the long dance sessions had been his meditation for years. With this insight he started trying out new things in his life to find mindfulness and grounding, this also rippled in his choices of music.
Tantra came into Fabians life a while ago - it was love from first breath

The new energies and self love he has experienced made him grow in many ways -  as a person and  DJ as well.

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