Eugene Hedlund

Eugene Hedlund founded The School of Tribal Tantra as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. Tribal Tantra is a seamless integration of Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra, European Shamanism, Ritual Magic, Conscious Movement and Spiritual Artistry.


Eugene’s core passion is to offer these tools and gifts in an integrated way which best serves each student. He is also faculty with ISTA, organizer of 6 in person and 10 online tantra and conscious arts festivals per year, as well as a certified 5 Rhythms teacher.


Eugene offers entry and advanced level month long tantra, shamanic and magic trainings once per year



Sex Magic Ritual for Manifestation

Saturday 10:45-13:00

Room 2, Ljusgården 


This is a powerful ceremony where we will charge up our sexual energy to manifest our deepest desires!


In this incredible ritual we will learn how to harness creative sexual energy and direct it through our conscious will toward manifestation.


This is Sex Magic.

Using the power of pure creative energy to create what we want. Just as this energy births the spark of life into the form of a body, so it can bring life to our purpose and our dreams.

In the ceremony you are invited to direct your life force energy to charge up your deepest longing or most expanded soul purpose. The practice can put you in a trance like state and you will feel your own sexual energy enliven your whole body!


Sexual energy is literally creative life force energy. The energy from which form and function is manifest. It is the language of creation, the language and expression of the divine. We experience the exhilaration of life force energy moving through our bodies in orgasm.


Tantric Mythology describes the creation of the universe as the result of the divine aspects of form and formless, masculine and feminine making love through Shiva and Shakti. The Mahamudra translates as The Great Orgasm.


The ritual will be guided through voice and music. We are working with sexual energy but not seeking sexual release.


We will work in a group field for increased energetic support, but this is an individual ceremony. 

What is Tantra? Panel with Charlotte Cronquist and Tantra Teachers:

Fredrik Swahn, Janie Petersen, Linda Örtengren, Marina Kronkvist, Anand Rudra, Eugene Hedlund ​

Friday 20:40-22:20 

Room 4, Trekanten 

Meet a bunch of tantra teacher who are here to answer your questions about tantra. They will share experiences, knowledge and thoughts about tantra. Charlotte Cronquist is leading this talk. You can send your questions about tantra to her, naming the mail ”My question on tantra” and send to, and there is a good chance that your question will be answered at the festival.