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Emilia Mirani

Emilia is a certified Sexsibility coach and has led workshops and courses relating to intimacy on and off since 2009. She has a Masters education in Gender studies. Her recent work includes the specific topic of intimacy and minority stress. Emilia also integrate intimacy work with her extensive training in Nonviolent communication (NVC). She loves to guide people close to their lust and longings while creating space for vulnerability, shame and shyness to be beautifully alive and honoured!


Flirt - with inner glow and vulnerability

Friday 22:30 - 00:00

Room 3, Katrinebergssalen 


This workshop offers you the opportunity to explore the many different qualities of flirt! You will be invited to discover flirt thru sensuality and play, and we will journey thru a vast variety of expressions. We explore the dynamic of inviting (“giving”) and being invited in to (“receiving”) a flirt, with heartfelt connection and inner glow. You’re being guided to navigate flirt without overriding vulnerability or boundaries, still honouring the curiosity, lust and the vibrant life force accessed thru flirt. And by inviting and embracing potential shame and grief the journey thru flirt also opens up for healing and growth. Of course you might experience delightful connections with other people during the workshop. But focus will be on what comes alive in you, embraced by loving awareness.



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