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Daniela Zambrana 

Daniela works in private practice with individuals, couples and groups. Daniela’s work is based on the principles of body psychotherapy, polyvagal theory, neurosensory therapy and non-duality philosophy. Aspects of neuroscience, the function of the vagus nerve and the development of our sensory systems play a major role. She also works in companies as a leadership coach through her program “Bridges to Leadership” and coaching concept of “Anatomy of Leadership”© .



Saturday 10:45-13:00

Room 3, Katrinebergssalen 


In this workshop we will explore the polyvagal theory through the embodiment of our nervous system which build the basis for movement, relaxation, presence, connection and decision making.


We will move along and embody our over 500 millions years old nervous system to experience the different dynamics and anatomical states and integrate the connection with the different parts of the body.


We will learn the concept of Neuroception, which is our capacity to identify, organize and process sensory input 24/7. We will do that through engaging with our 8 our senses (taste, smell, hear, sight, touch, prioproception, vestibular and interoception).


Our senses and the way we interpret sensory input in the brain, are ruled by our nervous system, which controls our actions and reactions. All in the pursuit of reaching safety. Physical, emotional and mental safety.

Depending on what and how we perceive and give that input a certain meaning, determines if we are able to flow with live and live out our full creative and aliveness potential or get stuck in a defensive, more protective mode of fight/flight/freeze.


Join me in this holistic, fun, embodied experience of ANATOMY OF PLEASURE ©


Saturday 19:30-21:45

Room 4, Trekanten 


This lecture is based on Eva Pierrakos book “Fear no Evil” and the Core Energetic / Pathwork Philosophy which has served as inspiration for this lecture.


"All our suffering is the result of believing that we are who we think we are" Nisargadatta


Our biggest struggle is always our biggest longing.

And what is our biggest struggle (and our biggest longing) in life? To be in connection. And what holds us back from being in Unity? The human experience.


Our Soul comes from a place of Oneness and wants to fly AND our body lives in a place with gravity and needs to walk. How do we bridge this difficult ambivalent state into a non-dual, spiritual experience?


Explore with me our evolutionary journey: As soon as we enter this live we are governed by two principles: PAIN and PLEASURE. We spend most of our life trying to avoid pain and from there we create shame, guilt and a lot of suffering; instead of concentrating in pleasure and connection. Why?


Join me in an interesting lecture and a dialog about the spiritual meaning of life and the vicious cycle of the soul.

Full Self Expression (FSE) Process

– Transforming conflict into connection

Sunday 10:45-13:00

Room 5, Telerummet 

The process of FULL SELF EXPRESSION (FSE) is a process that has emerged from Core Energetics, Pathwork Studies and Exceptional Relationship principles, developed by Marcia and Brian Gleason, founder of the Exceptional Relationship Institute.

It is a powerful tool for moving energy and transforming conflict into connection.

We all know how we get stuck in conflicts, mostly on recurrent same issues. In this Workshop you will learn how to move out of the stuck energy of blame and victimhood through embodiment of different consciousness and emotional stages.


Our partner is our mirror and therefore the best platform for your own awareness and development. In this way, couples work is not only a personal growth path but also a spiritual journey in that it draws each individual beyond their personal (self-oriented) world. Sharing how your history has formed both of you, helps you create a new common history based on love, support and acceptance. It is a huge gift to be able to share your life journey with, and be witness by, an intimate partner.


This conscious embodied exploration will help you:

- get deeply in touch with your body and feelings

- disengage from the blaming spiral

- deepen awareness of what underlies our defensive reactions

- determine how much consciousness you have toward your feeling states/parts

- enable the passage from your protected and defended state towards a more vulnerable and authentic state

- move conflict from externally focused to inwardly focused


Immerse yourself in this laboratory practice for building awareness to your ongoing dynamics and communication (verbal and nonverbal) and how they reflect your everyday challenges.

Daniela offers Embodied Online Couples Counseling with her co-therapist Christopher Spicer ( They help couples to manage conflict, improve communication, and reconnect so they feel alive in their relationship again.

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