Ola Eriksson

Ola Eriksson is a bodyworker and Daka practitioner. He uses breath, movement, sound, and self-inquiry to help clients connect with themselves and their senses. Ola is often described as a uniquely grounded, attuned, and present therapist.

Based in Gothenburg, he offers individual and group sessions that include breathwork, tantra therapy, pulsation, somatic work, de-armouring, and essence work. Ola also facilitates men’s work, creating spaces characterized by deep trust, intimacy, and brotherhood.

At the Stockholm Tantra Festival, Ola will facilitate an Osho Dynamic Meditation session. Osho designed this meditation practice specifically for the busy modern world to help release stress and tension in the body and mind. This is a meditation form that is very close to Ola’s heart, having practiced it for the past 20 years many hundreds of times.


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