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Jonas Johnsson & Alexander Ingster Hofgren

Jonas Johnsson

“How can we be fully human with each other and really thrive?” - is the question that drives me. Usually we feel we have to hide many parts of ourselves to be able to be with others. Across the spectrum of human experience there are many aspects we often believe aren’t welcomed. Anger, hate, shame, proudness, etc. Even love can be challenging to let in when we are with others. With circling I want to create the widest and most welcoming room for all that is human. And when we see and realize how much of ourselves that can be welcomed in relating we relax and start to really thrive with others.

Jonas is leading the Circling sessions with a backpack of thousands of hours in meditation practice as well as education in tantra and bodywork. He has been certified and leading Circling for 7 years. Jonas is also a social worker with further education in communication and conflict resolution. Alongside leading courses in Circling he is working with leadership training and organizational development.

Alexander Ingster Hofgren

I'm a curious and heart centered Circling trainer. In circling we are with what is and communicate from the present. I see it as a radical practice where we are transforming the culture and norms of society. We do this by creating a container where we can have strong connections and become alive just by being the way we are. Without needing to develop or change anything about ourselves.

I have a background as an Economist & Business coach, Zen practitioner, circling trainer and have now started doing couples coaching. Along with several trainings I have received the 1 year NVC training and 2 years Psychosynthesis training has very much shaped me.


Circling – Welcoming the full human experience.


Circling can sometimes be confused with a “sharing circle”, but it’s not. Circling is more similar to a relational meditation where we are being intimate with the present experience, through relating.

We connect with each other just as we are here and now, with or without facade. No need to do the right thing, no need to be in a tantric vibe or breathe in any special way. We don't try to change or solve or understand anything or anyone. We are letting go of the impulse to make something happen and meet with what's right here.

And from that magic ensues.