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Cornelia Rönning Södergren

Cornelia Södergren is a therapist, coach and author who has been practicing tantra for 25 years. She is specialized in working with love, sex and relationships both for individuals, couples and groups. During all these years she has been leading groups through deep processes and is appreciated for her warmth and engagement. Cornelia is mostly working with women who want to live more in connecting with their heart, truth and full potential, free from old destructive patterns and codependency. She is also the author of several books about love, sex and relationships and the founder of the programs Vildkvinnan, Shekina and The true tantrika.


Sisterhood - Healing the womb - With drumjourney for women


A workshop to come in deeper contact with your true sacred sexuality and being able to open up to more loving, intimate tantric relationships. This inner journey can help heal physical, psychic, verbal and emotional traumas that have been preventing you from the joy of physical love, intimacy and close relations. Instead you will come closer to love, innocence, joy, acceptance, forgiveness, healthy boundaries and sisterhood." Healing the womb is the way to Heaven on Earth!"


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