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Charlotte Cronquist

Charlottes inner journey started with a life crisis, where the crucial question was: Who am I? In search for answers she dived into communities where awareness, presence, meditation, spirituality and sexuality where vital parts. She encourages people to live in totality, including and inviting sexual energy. To her life is an adventurous mystery, and she meets the day in a state of wonder. What will life bring me today? To her tantra is about presence, awareness and to live the moment with all the senses. Tantra makes it possible to be more present in the body and exploring its capacity to pleasure, that sometimes reach spiritual dimensions. Charlotte Cronquist has more than 15 years experience of tantra, and she has done trainings and workshops all over the planet, experiencing the energy of many tantra schools, tantra and meditation teachers. And from that experience she has created Playful tantra – a way of meeting yourself and others with love and playfulness. Charlotte is a warrior of love, author, body therapist, coach and blogger. Listen to her podcasts “Charlottepodden” and together with Bea Karinsdotter ”Bea och Charlotte talar ut - om kärlek sex och relationer”. 2019 she published her fourth book on personal development: “Lekfull tantra – din väg till att njuta av livet”. (Playful tantra) as well as an online course on tantra (all in Swedish).


What is Tantra? Panel with Charlotte Cronquist and Tantra Teachers:

Fredrik Swahn, Janie Petersen, Sanna Björkebaum, Marina Kronkvist, Anand Rudra, Eugene Hedlund 

Friday 20:40-22:20 

Room 4, Trekanten 

Meet a bunch of tantra teacher who are here to answer your questions about tantra. They will share experiences, knowledge and thoughts about tantra. Charlotte Cronquist is leading this talk. You can send your questions about tantra to her, naming the mail ”My question on tantra” and send to, and there is a good chance that your question will be answered at the festival.

Playful tantra

Meet tantra with lots of energy, movement, playfulness - and touch.

Saturday 19:30-21:45 

Room 5, Telerummet 

This is a workshop where you can try out what tantra feels like. Within the workshop you will explore the power in tantra, and do it with with a playful and curious approach. Charlotte Cronquist invites you to a tantric journey where you will dance and do simple tantric exercises. The aim is to get more in contact with your body and feel the energy that resides within. Together we create a space where you are safe enough to explore the fundaments of tantra and where any feeling or emotion is welcome. Bring a water bottle and soft clothes. There will be a lot of movement, contact, and touch during the workshop. This workshop suits both beginners and people with experiences of tantra.

Cock Dearmoring Lecture 

Panel talk with:

Charlotte Cronquist, Sanna Sanita, Linda Örtengren, Matt Schwenteck, Patrik Wall

Sunday 9:00-10:20

Room 4, Trekanten 

The male sex is called lingam in tantra, meaning ”pillar of light”. Come to a talk on the lingam and what you can do to make it more sensitive, playful and alert. Meet therapists who knows how to stretch, massage and handle a cock in order to make the cock-owner more at ease in sexual encounters.

Vaginal Dearmouring Lecture 

Panel talk with: 

Charlotte CronquistSanna Sanita, Sanna Björkebaum, Sunny Ju, Janie Petersen 

Sunday 10:45-13:00

Room 2, Ljusgården 


The female sex is an opening to the great mystery. And many women suffer from traumas in their vaginas. Meet a panel of teachers who offers or teaches vaginal dearmouring, a method that can heal traumas in and around the vagina. The talk is led by Charlotte Cronquist, and you who participates have a chance to ask questions.