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Carl-Mikael Nordlöf

Carl-Mikael is a relationship & intimacy coach and helps people come into contact with themselves and each other. He believes in the deeper meeting between people and is passionate about helping people open up and finding themselves.

Acceptance, balance, and intuition are keywords that permeate his life both privately and professionally. The drive to help others is a result of the inner journey of discovery that Carl-Mikael himself has devoted himself to for most of his adult life.

Carl-Mikael works as a relationship and intimacy coach and is a certified Psychosynthesis therapist and trained tantra therapist.


Where do we begin? With Linda Örtengren

Carl-Mikael and Linda will guide you as a couple in taking your first steps together in this festival journey. Explore your expectations, fears, desires and boundaries for the festival together and what you need to feel supported during the weekend. Come with your partner, lover, friend or soulmate - as long as it is someone you want to connect deeper with. You will gain tools for clear communication and connection.

Going Deeper With Linda Örtengren

Slow down in intimate connection with your beloved. Discover how it is to see and be seen, free from expectations, with a curious and a vulnerable mindset. In the middle of the festival, we invite you to a space to check in with each other, and share the intimate communion of each other. Explore different ways of being in full connection with each other. Come together with your partner, lover, soulmate - someone you want to explore your relationship deeper with.

Relate and integrate together With Linda Örtengren

Bring the weekend to completion by slowing down and connecting with yourself and your partner through grounding touch, being present with each other and words of appreciation. Our intention is to provide a space to come back to love, to integrate your experiences from the weekend and to share your harvests. Come together with the person you want to connect to - your partner, lover, soulmate or someone you have connected with during the weekend.

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