Camila Rivera

Camila Rivera is a trained opera singer and sound healer. Coming from a lineage of healers, she has been called to use her voice to help others access deeper parts of self where healing, pleasure, and expansion reside. Camila found a musical home in her set of seven crystal bowls (tuned to each chakra) and shamanic drums. She is the co-creator of the popular Soulful Saturday event series in Gothenburg. She held voice sessions and played at the Space of Love Festival in 2020 and is a regular guest at workshops, tribe gatherings, and retreats. Camila is also one half of the improvising duo Rising Glow and offers individual voice exploration sessions. At this year's Stockholm Tantra Festival, Camila will co-host a workshop with her partner, Ola Eriksson, and guide the women on an exploration of the voice as a gateway to deeper connection with the heart and the yoni in preparation for meeting the men during the rest of the session.

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