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Camila Rivera

Camila is a sound worker, workshop leader and trained opera singer. She studied opera up to Masters level before taking a long hiatus from music. During that time, she dedicated herself to her own healing and personal development, which led her to a new way of using her voice, not as a performer but as a sound worker. Coming from a long lineage of healers in her native country of Colombia, Camila has been called to use her voice to help others access deeper parts of self where healing, pleasure, and expansion reside.

She found a home in her set of seven crystal bowls (tuned to each chakra) and shamanic drum. Camila has become a regular workshop leader and sound worker at some of Sweden's largest conscious festivals such as Ängsbacka’s No Mind Festival where she will return for the second year this summer, and the Stockholm Tantra Festival and Space of Love festival for the third year in a row.


Your voice as medicine & pleasure

This workshop invites you to approach your voice with curiosity, focusing on how it feels in your body rather than what it sounds like. Connecting with the innate intelligence of your instrument and its ability to help you move emotions and energy.


We will use crystal bowls to help you tune into your sacral, heart and throat chakras and allow them to express what yearns to be expressed in a safe, ceremonial, and welcoming container.


Sound Ceremony

Soft landing in a cozy, and grounding cloud of sound that will include shamanic drum, crystal bowls, and voice.