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Armand Botha

I currently practice as a Sensuality & Intimacy Whisperer bringing together my training as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Sexological Bodyworker, Body Poet, Tantric Masseur, Touch Facilitator, and Teacher.


My own spiritual journey reconnecting to my own sexuality, sensuality and sates of arousal calls me to bring that alive in other men. Moving beyond our mind allows for a profound deep soul connection with each other free form expectations and projections held in LOVE.


I have a passion for teaching sensual, soulful, soulful, consensual touch and intimacy through movement and breath work.


Playful Exploration of the Divine Feminine amongst a brotherhood of men

How many times do we as a brotherhood of men allow ourselves to celebrate our divine feminine in a safe, open, and non-shaming way allowing for the divine masculine to flower. This workshop is a journey of exploration, an opportunity to playfully explore the divine feminine through intuitive touch and connection. It is in this tender vulnerability of surrendering that we create the inner marriage of both the divine feminine and masculine.

Intimacy & Connection through touch and dance

How can we say yes to intimate connection with ourselves and others honouring our boundaries and edges? As we go on our journey meeting each you are invited to offer gifts of touch as we flow in finding our unique way to move. The magic of intimacy and connecting is in allowing for authentic organic conversations to unfold between us free from expectation, attachment, and performance. together. An invitation to meet others and be playful, and curious.

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