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Anton Fred


Anton keeps a playful touch to his workshops and focus on emotional engagement.


Having a psychology degree with specialization in emotional decision making allows the workshops to keep a structure that allows safety and depth.


Acro Yoga All Levels

Experience the joyful fusion of acrobatics and yoga in an acro yoga workshop. Explore partner poses, dynamic flows, and trust-building exercises. Enhance strength, flexibility, and communication skills as you learn to fly, base, and spot. Discover the beauty of collaboration, balance, and connection as you cultivate mindfulness and expand your practice. All levels welcome!

Playful Shibari

Embark on a playful journey of sensual exploration and letting go of control.

Learn various knots, techniques, and safety precautions under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Discover the power dynamics, communication, and intimacy that come with this art form. Open your mind to the possibilities of connection, surrender, and creative expression.

All levels of experience are welcome, and an inclusive atmosphere awaits you.

Death Meditation

Everything happens a last time.

Let yourself join a guided solitary experience through life and death.

Find out what you can bring out of the positive experience of death.


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