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Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Angelica has been on the yogic path for more than 20 years and she loves the link between moving the body – stilling the mind. With her warm and genuine presence she inspires you to communicate with and trust your body as your own wise teacher. Her teaching is honest and intuitive and she creates a safe space for you to bloom. She is an experienced pedagogue and has been teaching for more than 15 years, both in Sweden and abroad. She is the creator of the Freemove Yoga concept and she runs her own yogastudio where she also shares her deep knowledge of Ayurveda, massage and holistic coaching.


Freemove Yoga


Freemove Yoga is a guided movement practice where we explore and express our life energy. It combines organic somatic yoga and dance therapy, conscious movement and various forms of meditation. It is a deep dive into body presence where we get a chance to listen, release our tensions, find our power and explore new dimensions of space in between it all. Dance your yoga from inner stillness to exploratory movement and let your movement be your liberation and meditation. 

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