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Andreas ZORBA

Path of the heart - POH TANTRA
I'm Andreas, known as Zorba Buddha in the world of tantra and meditation outside Sweden.

14 years ago I met with my teachers HOMA & MUKTO in India. World reknowned tantra teachers and mystics.
I´ve been studying with them ever sense their way of tantra in a profound way (originally from the indian mystic Osho).
Path of the heart was created 9 years ago and has sense the start been creating retreats as well as giving workshops in various festivals in Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Greece and Brazil.

My point of view of Tantra; It´s a way of re-connecting to the seed deep inside yourself, learning to cultivate and make it flower. Becoming more present in everyday life and to strenghten our hearts to be able to face the challenges of life.

We practice to access our power and strength, aligning our chakras and allowing the energy to flow freely in our bodies. Meeting ourselves and others from a different and deeper place.

The heart has this magic capacity to digest life events and challenges. The heart is a muscle and through practicing strengthen the heart we can easier manage the rollercoaster of life.


Melting Together
Find, play and enjoy your life-energy and let it flow. Drop the masks. Open your heart and get access to all of YOU and everything that life has to offer. What if it´s ok to be YOU just as you are with out judgements, IT IS! Our bodies and souls are longing so much of just being and meet with others in a loving un-judgemental space.

You will be guided in a safe relaxing way to find your presence, to come down in the body and allow yourself to get access to feel, to be, to accept, to open up and to expand. We create a energiy field filled with love and trust where you can be vulnerable and authentic.



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