Ana Pana & Pippi Pop

Anna Permansson and Anna Vilhelmine Wallin have for many years practiced, inspired and taught in dance, theater, yoga, holistic health, mindfulness, intimacy and somatic techniques.


Today, they are Stockholm and Malmö based facilitators who teach, above all, Contact Improvisation. With a focus on technical security, Anna and Anna want to liberate the idea and perception of your physical capacity in relation to others.

Facebook/group - Kontaktimpro Stockholm 


Communication to the soul through Contact Improvisation

Sunday 9:00-10:20

Room 5, Telerummet 


How do we soften our bodies to open up and be available to connect to another body? This is what we will explore through stillness and movement. A practise where we go into contact in different ways. We want to present safe tools to relate to gravity, physical play and move through the norm of tension and attention.


Together we aim to bring our collected tools on technical approach point of contact, instant composition and flow in the dance of contact improvisation.