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Amanda Ragnarsdotter

Amanda Ragnarsdotter is a trained and experienced singing and music teacher, songwriter and musician. She is also a life coach and she combines mental training with loads of happines-focus in her daily work.
Amanda want to encourage people to start using their voice and their body in a joyful and and playful way at a daily basis.

Amandas believes that we all carry the gift of singing, but we do need to practice if we want it to really blossom! The practice of playing and of letting go is good for everyone, no matter your level and experience. You will be good in what you practice at and Amanda’s easy going workshop is the perfect place to do this. Allowing, fun and safe.

She uses her energetic personality to inspire you to sing, laugh and dance, as if problems didn't really exist!

What if they actually don’t?




Happy Singing


Together we will sing, move, dance and improvise. You can be just the one you are with completely no experience or a lot! Let go of the judging inner voice and let’s tune our energy into an energetic play mode! Towards the end of the workshop, we slow it down and turn into ourselves for thankfulness and meditative singing. You will then leave this workshop full of joy, warmth and love. Warmly welcome!