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Amanda Stjernström

When Amanda was 18 years old she jumped into her first 2 years personal development course inspired by OSHO teachings. At this point she felt like she came home and found a deep purpose with life after some challenging years growing up. After that she continue to educate herself in yoga, tantra, shamanism and bodywork.

The last years she has been travelling around co-leading yoga teacher trainings, women’s retreats and sacred sexuality events. A big passion is to unite the feminine and the masculine path of empowered human embodiment and awakening. Her dream is for everyone to live their true authentic ever changing nature.


THE BODY TEMPLE (with Jonas Johnsson)
In this temple we aim to open our bodies to unite with divinity. Exploring different polarities to awaken more energy in the body to catalyst to something bigger.
Trusting intuition to guide us to find pathways to open up our own body in harmony with others. We are playing with different energies and different polarities in a fun and devoted way.

With Amanda Stjernström & Jonas Johnsson

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