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Amanda Starstream


When I was 18 years old, my life took a big turn around when I started exploring spirituality through OSHO teachings at Baravara in the north of Sweden.

Later I started to study Yoga and Tantra in India, Shamanism in Peru and Taoism through Mantak Chia’s teachings and students.

For the last few years, I’ve been travelling around co-leading yoga teacher training, creating women’s gatherings and tantric ceremonial events.
I offer intuitive tantric bodywork aiming to awaken the life force energy and expand presence to manifest our true nature. I also assist people to establish a consistent self-practice through Yoga, Pranayama and meditation.


Softly Into Bliss

We explore how pure bliss can be experienced when we allow our beings to surrender to what is in the present moment. Using tools such as movement, touch and sound to awaken our senses and subtle energy body. Experience ways how we can re-sensitize our whole being melting into union with others.

Your True Nature

We dive deep into the source of ourselves as we shake off the dust we are ready to let go off. Exploring how we truthfully can express our being's full spectrum through movement and sound. We experience how to be witnessed in our innermost authentic expression, including it all such as our wild power to our innocent sensuality.


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