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Amanda Mungsgård & Maxinne Björk

Amanda Mungsgård
Ritualist, modern mystic & bodyworker

Maxinne Björk

Somatic erotic educator, tantra teacher, sexual sovereignty activist, nudity rebel & creative magician


We are bringing a dressed up version of our concept "The Naked Fika". Our creation is a sanctuary for likeminded people to play and explore in a safe container in our birthday suits - fully naked with the intention to embrace our body as art.


Internationally Swedes are often seen as always being naked, maybe that was the case in the 70’s - but definitely not any longer. We want to reclaim the “Naked comfortable Swedes”, and invite people to reveal the deepest layers of our being.


We have created a taster of our concept for the festival. Here we will NOT be naked, BUT we welcome you to dress up in your sexiest wear.

Follow us on Instagram: maxinnebjork & wildliberation



The Tantric Fika

We are all about self-expression in creative and fun ways. Here you have an opportunity to discover new parts of yourself in a playful and safe setting. Why not play both within and outside the box? We have prepared several interactive spaces for you explore - like a tantric smorgasboard.

You can come and go as you please but be aware of our strict door policy - you need to be dressed up! Nothing to wear? Don't you worry darling, there's still time to swing by the pimping closet!

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