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Abhi One - Peter Orevi


AbhiOne (the alter ego of Peter Orevi) is dj, facilitator and one of the creators of Stockholm Tantra Festival.

When AbhiOne is not investigating the true nature of our being he is enjoying himself with music, dancing and whatever lie presents.
As a dj he truly enjoys playing Deep Organic House, Tech House and Techno.
“Music is magic, it can help us go deeper within ourselves, to unlock unknown doors of potential”

AbhiOne used to regularly arrange Ecstatic Dance in Stockholm (Stockholm Ecstatic Dance) but is now mostly on Koh Phangan in Thailand. You also can find him on festivals like No mind, Solglöd, Borderland or the Tantra festival at Ängsbacka.

His passion right now is to create a workshop about happiness. What is happiness and can we be truly relaxed, content and happy?
The workshop is coming soon, probably in January, check the website for more info (coming soon).



Dancefloor - Just Let Go

How fun can you have on a dance floor?

Maybe some one would ask - How present can you be with your body, how present can you be with yourself and others? But I would rather say -There is nothing to do, just be as you are and have as much fun as you want! Life is not serious if you not make it so :D


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