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Aaron Kleinerman & Chantelle Raven

Chantelle and Aaron have a deep passion for embodied awakening and understanding the psyche and sexuality.  Both of them come from a strong academic and personal development background.  They have worked in the field of human development for almost two decades and have dedicated their life to serving love and freedom on the planet from a very early age.
What they both experienced after a lot of learning and inner work, was that they needed to take conceptual teachings into the body to affect real change.  This is when they uncovered their heart’s vocation in Tantra.  
They have both travelled far and wide to immerse themselves in the teachings of Tantra and have trained extensively to facilitate deep healing and discover their own path as Tantra educators.
They are based in Australia and Bali but have taught all over the world - in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and America.

They balance their professional life of writing, private-practice and group facilitation with spending quality intimate time with each other and their beloved community and family.  

It is Chantelle and Aaron’s intention to de-mystify the ancient practices of Tantra and make them accessible in everyday life.

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